Action Plan

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In an effort to launch the key implementation strategies discussed in Section 13 of this document, the following Action Plan has been developed. Adherence to the directives (charges) outlined in the Action Plan will ensure progress is achieved in attaining the plan’s vision, goals, and objectives. The charges identified are “short-term” directives which should be achieved within the first several years of the plan’s existence.

The Action Plan is placed in the front of the document to demonstrate the importance of implementation. The charges are abbreviated, by intent, to convey to associate the reader to the need and direction necessary to accomplish plan goals. The Who/When directives target the primary entity responsible and the targeted completion date for implementing the charge.

Section13 contains additional information related to certain elements of the Action Plan. The Action Plan and overall implementation strategy, as a primary component of this document, should be reviewed and amended periodically to remain current and accomplishment-oriented.


1. Charge: Adopt the Town of Presque Isle Year 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Who: Planning Committee and then the Town Board

When: September/October 2002 (Subsequent to public review and hearing)


2. Charge: Establish a Town Planning Commission.

Who: Town Board

When: Fall 2002

3. Charge: Develop a "Town Government Operations Manual"

Who: Town Board/Consultant

When: 2003

4. Charge: Conduct a comprehensive review of the land use plan every two (2) years.

Who: Town Plan Commission/Town Board

When: Fall 2004

5. Charge: Monitor and prepare an annual report on the implementation and effectiveness of the Year 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan, including conformance of new land divisions, zoning permits, and other permits and approvals with the town plan.

Who: Plan Commission

When: Annually, possibly at Annual Meeting


Intergovernmental Coordination

1. Charge: Coordinate, monitor and participate in the development of the Vilas County Comprehensive Plan, and request county adoption of the Town of Presque Isle Year 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan as an element of the county wide plan.

Who: Town Board/Plan Commission

When: Subsequent to plan approval, approximately Fall 2002.

2. Charge: Work with Vilas County to amend its decision-making and permit review procedures to require consideration and consistency with the Town of Presque Isle Year 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Who: Town Board and Plan Commission

When: Fall 2002

3. Charge: Pursue development of an agreement with Vilas County to coordinate areas of shared regulatory jurisdiction and administration.

Who: Town Board/Town Plan Commission/Legal Counsel/Technical Advisor

When: 2002-2003

4. Charge: Coordinate local permit and approval tracking and reporting with Vilas County.

Who: Plan Commission or Town Board

When: On-going activity; subsequent to plan adoption

5. Charge: Maintain the shared service agreements with surrounding towns for fire protection and emergency/ ambulance service.

Who: Town Board

When: On-going

Ordinance Revisions

1. Charge: Request modifications to the Town of Presque Isle Zoning Ordinance, if necessary, to reflect directives identified within the town plan.

Who: Town Board/Town Plan Commission

When: As necessary, or at conclusion of Phase 5 County Plan conclusion, anticipated Fall/Winter 2002.

2. Charge: Review modifications to the Presque Isle Comprehensive Shoreland District and Zoning Ordinance, if necessary, to reflect directives identified within the town plan.

Who: Zoning Committee/Town Plan Commission/Town Board

When: As necessary, or at conclusion of plan adoption.

Ordinance Development

1. Charge: Enact an ordinance for the establishment of a town Plan Commission.

Who: Town Board/Legal Counsel/Consultant

When: Immediately subsequent to plan adoption, Winter 2002.

2. Charge: Assess development of a town land division ordinance to augment the existing town zoning code which integrates the recommendations of the Town of Presque Isle Year 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the corresponding Preferred Land Use Classifications.

Who: Plan Commission and Zoning Committee/Town Board. Consider assistance from attorney or consultant.

When: Depends on chosen strategy. Subsequent to Vilas County Zoning Ordinance revisions (if any) or subsequent to plan adoption, summer 2002.

3. Charge: Develop a "Code of Ordinances" for the town (to be combined with existing ordinances) which addresses’ topics such as abandoned vehicle storage, animal confinement, nuisances, driveway access, obscenity, erosion control, etc.

Who: Plan Commission/Town Board/Consultant/Attorney

When: 2003-2004; priority should be discussed and work plans scheduled with Plan Commission.

4. Charge: Develop a Town Parkland Dedication ordinance to assist in funding

improvements and activities related to recreation. May be combined with development of a land division ordinance.

Who: Plan Commission/Town Board

When: 2002-2003

Policy Development

1. Charge: Develop specific town policies which encapsulate the utilization of the Town of Presque Isle Year 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan and other town ordinance(s) in concert with state "Smart Growth" legislative directives.

Who: Plan Commission

When: 2004 when updating the plan.

Future Study/Initiatives

1. Charge: Commission a feasibility study to assess the need, cost, and operation of a town sanitary sewer and/or water system to address water quality issues in the town’s downtown area or other densely populated shoreland areas, and/or areas of demonstrated need, if any.

Who: Chief Elected Officials/Consultant

When: As necessary

2. Charge: Review all mutual service agreements and service policies to maintain sufficient protective and emergency services and efficiency.

Who: Town Board

When: On-going

3. Charge: Assess development a "Design Review Standard" ordinance which regulates future commercial, industrial, institutional, government and multi-family development. This could include signs, which is another ordinance that was discussed during development of the goals and objectives.

Who: Special committee delegated by the Town Board/Plan Commission. Consider assistance from UW-Extension a Consultant.

When: 2003-2005

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