Presque Isle Town Lakes Committee

Lake Study Grant Reports

The Presque Isle Town Board created the Presque Isle Town Lakes Committee (PITLC) as a subcommittee of the Town Board in 2005. PITLC was tasked with and continues to be tasked with becoming the town’s experts in dealing with Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) when introduced in our town’s lakes. In order to reduce the time between the discovery of AIS in a lake and the beginning of treatment, PITLC has undertaken a program of applying for DNR Lake Study Grants in order to find out what sort of plants currently inhabit our lakes. The studies have been undertaken under a required DNR methodology.

To date PITLC has studied 29 lakes and 2 rivers as part of the DNR Lake Study Grant program. Since the DNR requires the lakes to be revisited from time to time some water bodies have been studied more than once. DNR approved reports have been written for each water body each time visited and are available for review in the Presque Isle Library. Some of the early reports are hardcopy only, the more recent ones are on disc and can also be found on the DNR’s website. This link lists the lakes studied under each grant, the type of media containing each of the studies and the DNR’s internet links to many of the more recent reports.

Because the reports are voluminous, starting with the 2009 grant PITLC has created one additional report which is continuously updated after completion of each new set of grant reports. The Wilderness Waters Adaptive Management Plan (WWAMP) has been established to pull together various chemical and plant data from each of the 31 reports in one set of charts, providing a comparison between the lakes. The combination of the individual reports and WWAMP fully explains PITLC’s plan to protect and treat, if necessary, the town’s lakes.

If you have questions regarding the reports please contact a PITLC representative or attend its second Tuesday of the month meetings.