Town Board Meetings
April - November
1st & 3rd Thurs - 6:00 PM
December - March
1st Thurs - 6:00 PM
Presque Isle Town Hall
8306 School Loop Rd
P.O. Box 130
Presque Isle, WI 54557

Meeting dates are subject to change. Watch for agenda postings.

Presque Isle Bulletin Board

Flu Shots at the Town Hall

Tuesday, October 1, 9:00-10:00
$25 fee or billing to Medicare/Medicaid

USDA Wisconsin Rural Development Funding

Funding is available through the USDA for rural communities. Check out this informational brochure to see if something fits your needs. 

Single Stream Recycling Is Here!

You'll notice a different setup at the Transfer Station. There are only two places to put your waste. To the left of the building you'll see two giant blue boxes. The one on the left is for your trash. Put your recyclables into the one on the right, all mixed together. You no longer need to sort! The documents below will tell you what you need to know. Read each document carefully. If you have additional questions, Mike is there to answer them.

Recycling Guidelines - Eagle Waste Requirements
Why Clean Your Recyclables?
Town of Presque Isle Fees
Highway G Landfill Prices
Hazardous Waste
Oneida County Landfill
Town of Lincoln Drop-Off Site

Proposed Zoning Changes

The Presque Isle Zoning Committee will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 8:30 am at the Presque Isle Community Building.  The purpose of the hearing will be to hear comments from the public on proposed amendments to Section 902 of the Presque Isle Zoning Ordinance.

Presque Isle Annual Meeting

Committee Reports
New information is available regarding items discussed at the Annual Town Meeting held April 16, 2019.
Citizens were asked to begin thinking about changes to three elected positions to be acted upon at the Annual Town Meeting in 2020. Information here may be updated from time to time, so check back periodically. 
  • Eliminate municipal court and eliminate the elected position of Municipal Judge
  • Change Subchapter 105.Town Constable of the Presque Isle Code of Ordinances Town Constable to remove arrest powers from the elected position of Town Constable. Alternatively, the possibility of hiring a law enforcement officer may be considered.
  • Consider changing the elected position of Town Clerk to an appointed position. See the article discussing this matter.
Read the financial statements here:
2018 Expenses
2018 Revenues
Debt Summary
Cash Report
Designated Funds

April 2, 2019 Spring Election Information

Presque Isle Park Plan

Presque Isle is blessed with beautiful wilderness. Our parks give visitors a wonderful opportunity to spend time enjoying our natural beauty. 

Transfer Station Activity


The Town of Presque Isle will be accepting yard waste and certain other materials that can be easily composted.

The Transfer Station has a sand pad that is ready to accept your yard waste and compostable items. Enter through the gate to the right of the building and look for the sand pad on your right. You will see a sign that identifies acceptable and unacceptable compost materials. Please ask the attendant for more information or see the handouts available at the Transfer Station.

Wisconsin law prohibits disposal of yard materials in landfills.  Composting is an easy, inexpensive alternative to landfills that puts these resources to use instead of simply throwing them away.

Are you interested in the history of Presque Isle? Would you like to learn more?

Thank you to the Presque Isle Heritage Society for the following bit of history. If this piques your interest, consider joining the Presque Isle Heritage Society.

The river running through and alongside the town received the name "Presque Isle" when two French Priests were shipwrecked trying to cross Lake Superior. They survived the winter along the river banks. When spring’s high water levels arrived, they found themselves on "almost an island", or in French, "Presque Isle", earning the river and the town’s largest lake, their rightful name.



Presque Isle is a Bird City! Learn more here.



Do you own 10 or more acres? The Wisconsin DNR has a new program for monitoring wildlife with trail cameras! Find more information here.



Does your home need repairs? Would you like to purchase a home? USDA Rural Development has funding available to purchase and repair homes in eligible rural communities. Interest rates range between 1 - 3.25%. Grants for repairs are also available to income eligible households over the age of 62. For more information, contact USDA Rural Development at 715-345-7611. Additional information is available here.