Town Board Meetings
April - November
1st & 3rd Thurs - 6:00 PM
December - March
1st Thurs - 6:00 PM
Presque Isle Town Hall
8306 School Loop Rd
P.O. Box 130
Presque Isle, WI 54557

Meeting dates are subject to change. Watch for agenda postings.

Presque Isle Bulletin Board

Town Informational Session 

A meeting is being planned for June 6 and/or June 8 to provide information on a proposed joint EMS service plan. check back here soon for more information.

Spring Election - April 4, 2023

Election Information

Load Limits Are Coming Off!

Load limits will be lifted at noon on May 8

Bid Notice and Specifications for 2023 Road Work

The Town of Presque Isle is seeking bids for the 2023 season road work to be done on Lynx Lake, Bow, Kunschke, Oxbow and Annabelle Lake Roads. Questions? Contact the Town Office, 715-686-2473, or email the clerk. Sealed bids due 6:00PM April 6, 2023. The Town Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or accept the bid deemed most advantageous to the town. 


Hazardous Wakes

Visit the "Ordinances" page to view the hazardous wakes ordinance  originally submitted to the Town Board in January of 2020. You'll find it at the end of Chapter 500, entitled "Ordinance 2020-4".

Presque Isle Broadband Project

Exciting News! Work on the Presque Isle town-wide broadband enhancement project has begun. Please visit the project website for more information and to subscribe to receive important project updates and announcements directly via email.


Lake Study Grant Reports

The report on individual lakes in Presque Isle has been replaced with a more recent version. Click here to find your lake's report or visit the Helpful Links page at the bottom of the left menu bar. Information about your lake is now easier to find. All the reports are listed alphabetically by lake name.

Transfer Station Change!

Please pay attention to the on-the-pavement yellow arrows and stripes directing you through the new traffic flow pattern!

Constable Office Hours

Our constable, Pat Eesley will not be keeping office hours during the winter. He will resume his normal office hours in May.
Wisconsin Department of Revenue - Financial Help for Homeowners

Wisconsin Help for Homeowners (WHH) is a new statewide program that can help with overdue bills like mortgage payments, property taxes, and utilities. The program is available to Wisconsin homeowners with overdue housing-related bills, both with and without a mortgage, who meet income and other eligibility requirements, and have experienced a qualified economic hardship since January 21, 2020. 

Pipke Park Pond Repairs

Presque Isle is a Bird City
Learn more about our Bird City program.

ATV Ordinance 

At its June 3, 2021 meeting the Town Board adopted an ordinance that has not yet been formatted. You may read the text of the ordinance here. Town and county roads are now open for ATV/UTV traffic. 

Noxious Weeds

As required by State Statute 66.0407, and Town Board Resolutions 2007-3 and 2012-9, official notice is hereby given to persons who own, occupy or control lands within the Town of Presque Isle that they are required by law to destroy all noxious weeds (Canada thistle, leafy spurge, field bindweed, creeping jenny, garlic mustard, and Japanese knotweed) on such property at such time and in such manner as will effectually prevent such plants from maturing to bloom or flower stage. 
Do you have these? See the images.

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